Stack for Carrington's Hyena, 2017, Iceberg Projects, Chicago

Stack for Carrington’s Hyena, this site-specific installation will use sound and materials such as paper, fabric, wood and foam to fracture and re-build a projected image of the artists’ family, stacked on their kitchen floor.

Stack of the Definitions of Stack
Large usually conical pile (as of hay) left standing in the field.

Send the hyena to us. She can have the view from our window.
Circles of hay, goldenrod, yellow munsell. 

I think I became the hyena once, or rather, I think I asked her to become me.
It is always easier to ask violence of another. Our bed sinks, while outside the leaves turn to face the sun.

You say that if I can’t stand you the doctors should change the meds. Just finish painting the chair.
Cover the yellow with the red. You want words that hold their shape. Golden smoke being released from the hyena’s ass at dawn.

In response to Ann Carson’s Stacks and Leonora Carrington’s Debutante.