Shameless light, 2016-ongoing

Shameless Light, 2016, performed at Wexner Center for the Arts, (Ohio), Athens International Film Festival, (Ohio) and Lyric Theater, (New Mexico)

In Shameless Light we stand under a red neon light reading love letters, written by friends and artist heroes, while our homage video, Kitchen Circle for Ackerman is projected at stage-right through a peg board. Once the performance is over, we turn off the projector and unplug the neon. As soon as we have removed ourselves, and the equipment from the field of view, the screening of SOTD or A Hand in Two Ways (Fisted) begins.

This series of events provide a platform to question the effect/affect of multiple body representations in one physical space. What is the difference between our bodies performing live, then working as stage-hands, then appearing on screen as fictive characters? We are interested in how the live body is received compared to the body on the screen.

The collision between these worlds is fruitful. We have questions about empathy and pathos. Is the same level of detachment possible when you have just had an encounter with the ‘real’ people moving and breathing in the space with you? Does the most acute vulnerability lay in an edited moving image? What do we feel compared to what the audience feels?


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